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  • 2 We bring it
  • 3 You cook it

What Customers say about Dinnr

"Fantastic to be able to quickly prepare a great meal for everyone and not worry about missing ingredients. There was so much food we had a second meal the next day! We will definitely be using Dinnr again"

--- Liv, HR Professional London

"Loved the music selection you provided too!"
--- Paul, Entrepreneur, London

"it’s no fun lugging home bags of ingredients (really, who trusts **insert your online supermarket of choice here** to send the least wilted greens??!), much of which end up going bad in the fridge because we've bought too much. And finding the inspiration night after night to think up fresh new recipes is even less fun, nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting!"

--- Roro, Marylebone

"Great order process - comprehensive cooking instructions - dish was delicious - absolutely ordering again!"

--- Jed C, West End

"I love it - planning dinner has become so easy now!  I don't have to think what to cook, go to the supermarket and shop for ingredients, there's no leftovers, and the Dinnr portion sizes are great!"

---  Marcio S., Director at Oracle, London

“If anyone is wondering about trying the salmon.. Just do it! Could not be easier to prepare and goes very nicely with a good wine and good company”

--- Kayleigh, South Kensington

“I've never seen people get so excited about my cooking!”

--- Lizz A., Victoria

“Just eaten the lentil, halloumi with honey chilli sauce. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!”

--- Naomi, London

It was the best experience ever! Just perfect. From the packaging, to the wrapping and the small details (candle!!), instructions, and finally results - the best dinner I ever made. Well done guys. Really impressive.

--- Nitzan, NorthWest London

The perfectly packaged and measured ingredients really simplifies things. Great step by step instructions with lots of pictures allows even the most distracted cook to get it right. All this on a busy work day and even with a late start - delicious meal ready on time! And even music suggestions to go with it. Great service and rave reviews from my friends.

--- Michele, South West London

As a busy person, who enjoys cooking, but never gets time and frequently finds herself inviting people over for dinner, forgetting, and fobbing them off with some pesto pasta, this concept was literally made for me – I would not hesitate to do it again.

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--- Katemeout, Blogger

This is a genius idea for someone wanting to cook for a date at home but who works late and won't make it to the shops, someone who just wants some inspiration or perhaps just as a treat.

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--- A Nose For Food, Blogger

10/10 for taste, 10/10 for ambiance, 10/10 for enjoyment (...) All along the way it was the little details that made me go ‘wow’ about this company.

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--- Miss Nutritionist, Blogger

Overall I was very impressed with the Dinnr service, for time pressed Londoners it is a god send and if you want to cook a meal for a loved one you will find the variety of recipes helpful. 

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--- Lanky Girl, Blogger

So how did it taste? Divine.

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--- Dine with Sha, Blogger

Had 1st @dinnr_uk & gotta say chef @PhilippStoeckl & I very impressed. Perfect portion & packaging. Great directions and photos. Well done!

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--- Reshma, London

Steak dinner was fantastic - really saved my evening with the missus.  Everything was packed meticulously (and labelled!).  Timing and steps of the recipe was spot on.  Ingredients were top quality and fresh (rosemary & thyme looked like it had just come from the field).  Filet steak was flavourful and  paired perfectly with a bottle of Lafite that I had been saving.  We added a tablespoon of honey to the sauce to balance out the acidity from the white wine.  Loved the little touches like the labels and welcome candle / chocolates.  Looking forward to our Monkfish dinner tomorrow. 


--- -Jack, foodie from East London

"We love this different approach to Valentine’s dining; after all it’s much more romantic than sitting elbow to elbow with several dozen gushing couples."

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--- Redonline

"...guaranteed to get you some brownie points from the other half."

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--- Everyday Man, Blogger

"...the right amount of everything you need to whip up a top-notch meal."

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--- City Treats

"...seriously impressed..."

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--- Female First

Blown away by Dinnr. Eating habits transformed. 

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--- Dan S. North London