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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers work tirelessly to supply us with the freshest ingredients

We have a whole range of suppliers, all of whom sell us first class food.

With every recipe we create, we think hard where we can get the best ingredients dish. We don’t go with someone only because it’s convenient. We go with the recommendations of our chefs, and we trust their judgment and taste.

To give you an example, for the Salmon recipe we needed some outstanding truffle-infused olive oil. The stuff you find in supermarkets (even the high-end ones) just didn’t cut it for us. Either it wasn’t intense enough or it had a strong aftertaste. Finally, we found a great shop in South West London called Delizie d’Italia and their oil is absolutely brilliant.

However, there’s also a number of places we work with on a regular basis, not just because their food is great but also because we simply love their service and reliability. Among these are Waitrose, Rippon Cheese Store and Pampas Plains.

And needless to say, we only work with suppliers that are certified food retailers and whose premises we like - sometimes it comes down to plain and simple gut feel and trust in the handshake.