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What do you feel like eating? Select one of our delicious dishes. Order before 6pm for same-day delivery or plan days ahead. Get it in the office, cook it at home. Fun, detailed and time-saving cooking instructions. Create magic in 35 minutes or less

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Discover Great Recipes

Choose from our permanent menu or discover our amazing weekly specials with exotic and hard-to-find ingredients


You book it

Receive the delivery

Get delivery to home or the office (the bag is not heavy and you can start cooking straight away when you get home!)


We bring it

Cook up a storm

In 35 minutes or less, you cook an amazing dish following our super easy instructions


You cook it

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Always free range

We are serious about our meat. 100% free range is our motto. We like happy animals.

100% safe

Every bag has an ice pack for sensitive items. They stay perfectly fresh at least until 8:45pm when you should either start cooking or put them in the fridge.

Ultra clear

Our recipe instructions don't leave any room for doubt. Difficult steps are explained with pictures. Even beginners can cook!

What's in a
Dinnr bag?

A Dinnr Bag comes with all the right amount of ingredients, a clear and intuitive recipe sheet and an ice pack to keep sensitive items chilled.